Thursday, March 24, 2016

meet the lundby's

meet the lundby's they are the only couple I have of their size. all are welcome in dream city. hope you like them feel free to comment Shirley.

davika's house

davika visits amber at her real estate office. she is looking for a new home. they go over a few things, now they look at several places and the last one davika like.

real estate

today we have amber she is the real estate agent who help locate homes and businesses for the dream city residents. she started in this office and then relocated to a new location. hope you like feel free to comment thank you shirley

big blue

this is the house that started it all. I always wanted a dollhouse since I was a child and never got one, my brother and I would make houses out of books and other household items, that is another story for another day I  was feature in the American miniaturist magazine December 2007 #56 issue called Ronny's donuts. I purchased the beacon hill in 2002 it took 2 months to build it and then several more months to decorate it. then 6 years later I remodeled the rooms and as of today's date the house sits empty of furniture and will be filled again in the next several months. here is the big blue house hope you like it feel free to comment thank you Shirley