Saturday, April 9, 2016

suds and bubbles soap box

this is violet dumas she is getting her new shop
Suds and Bubbles Soap Box ready for a grand opening. she has already hired sarah reed. carl and nate are moving in all the shelves and counters. the counter I made from a box covered in scrape book paper. the black and white shelf is from happerly ever after. I made all the bottles from the eye drops bottles and beads and printies. the soaps are made from fimo. I filled bottles with red and green and different color sprinkles. some bottles I filled with red pepper and oatmeal. I made the baskets by wrapping material around a paint bottle and then wet it with fabric stiffner. I will be adding more items later. violet tells sarah to clock out and go home. once sarah get home she read the paper and eat something and then go to bed. Danita made violet's pant suit.  thanks shirley

press and curl

this is the first salon I made in 2009 I purchased the peach salon chairs and work station with mirror, sinks from I made the nail table, trash can is a coffee creamer with tissue paper for bag. I made packs of hair from hair hanging on the wall. nail polish bottles are beads with a straw for the brush. I made the fan, I made the trolley cart with all the items, curlers made from straws, bobby pins from paper clips, tissue paper from real tissue paper. the cabinet with the coffee machine has a built in refrigerator, coffee machine was made from a piece of wood with beads for the knobs. paper towel holder I made. the mirror is from a compact. the washer and dryer was made from printies I cut out the front to be able to put laundry inside. Danita made the robes. I cut a lot of squares of wood and put lables on them for hair products and shampoos and other items.
.in 2013 I did a little remodeling Carl put in a new floor.

jasmine douglas is the owner of press and curl, she is sitting at the desk. Henrietta is getting her hair done by hildy yew.  then Henrietta pay for her service and leave. I will show the new remodel in a later post. thanks shirley

carmen's new house

Carmen and Czarte meet Amber at her office, she show them different houses and they finally choose one. I purchased the discount dollhouse by RGT from and did a little kit bashing. I will show progress as I go along. here is the kitchen and living room so far.

Carmen fix dinner, its pork chops, mashed potatoes, peas and wine. the food is made from fimo.

carl and nate are working in the living room. thanks shirley

henrietta's home

I'm in the process of remodeling the orchard for Henrietta. I will show the in progress to the finished product. pam is reese's sister, she is wearing the  pink outfit. the pants were made by Danita. amber is the real estate agent in the black dress. reese's motorcycle sits outside. after they get the keys, they start moving some things in during remodel. Reese, Otis, and  det Tim parker who is Amber's husband, and  Brenda are helping. Henrietta went shopping to get a few things. the couch I made wood and sponge covered with blue material, and the brown chair was made from a piece of toilet paper roll cut in half and the other piece I cut that for the back and covered with suede material. the finished product in another post. thanks shirley


enchantment is the name of Brenda's shop, she purchased it from Minnie and changed the name. she is moving in with Otis helping her.

opening day. she made a lot changes and have all the shelves filled with new items and some Minnie sold to her. I added a lot of Barbie purses, some of the earrings are mine that I don't wear anymore. the lingerie hanging on the left I made. the beige dress and the flower shirt and scarf and tan pants Danita made. thanks Shirley.

dream city savings and loan

dream city savings and loan was built in 2005 I was still learning how to make dollhouses and miniatures without a kit. in 2015 it was remodeled.  the safe was made from a cough syrup box painted black and shelves added, I made the gold bars from magic model clay, purse was made from a piece of suede, flowerpot was made from magic model clay, the teller counter was made from balsa wood with a piece of plastic for glass, the paper shredder is a tic tac container, the trash can is a coffee creamer, the pencils was made from tooth picks, and letter tray from pieces of wood. I wrapped brown paper around stacks of paper to make reams, I made a lot of printies from the internet to make letters and important papers. I made a lot of money. thanks shirley