Tuesday, March 29, 2016

the orchard

I purchased the orchard from miniatures.com in 2007, in the beginning I didn't use dolls in my houses, but after I made the orchard I decided to put a doll in the house. I found a bag of dolls for 2.99 at the thrift store so I put this one in here to see how a doll would fit. I liked how the doll look in the house so I started collecting 1:12 dolls. here is the orchard in 2007 later I will show you the orchard remodeled in 2014. the tub is a piece of plastic , something came in I painted white the toilet is a deodorant top and the sink is the little butter or jelly dish you get in the hospital. the ceiling fan is made from popsicle sticks and beads and a chain, the trash cans are caps with tissue paper for bags. I made the dolls dress and shoes. the canisters are the things that come in the medicine bottles.  I printed out printies  of flour sugar tea and coffee from the internet the lamp is a creamer with a bead for the base. thanks Shirley.

the antique shop

the antique shop started as a room box in 2003 then in 2014 I used the primrose kit from miniatures.com and made it the new antique shop. all the items are miniatures I collected over the years and some items I made. the yellow pitcher with bowl I made from magic model clay and the yellow vases. the candles are real candles cut small. the picture I made from mat board and the stand the table is a spool of thread, I made the pillows I crochet the blankets, I made the clock from clay also the gulf bag and clubs from clay the bat too. I made the family albaum from mat board. the victrola made from clay. the white vase with flowers I made from clay and the white surf board from clay, the green lamp shade from clay. the owner's name is Thelma of granny's antique shop. thanks Shirley.

dark room

snap photography is the name of ed cosmo studio, he is the local photographer in dream city. he freelance for the dream city gazette and the police station. you will never see him without his camera. I got the ideal of a dark room from wright guide miniatures, I purchase some items from wright guide and everything else I made. the bottles are made from magic model clay. the boxes I got from wright guide I duplicated to have more.  the film is real film from when I used to have my pictures developed at the drug store. the photos hanging on the wall are of my son, three nieces and two nephews. the trash can is a k-cup I made the sink and the two counters I made the two cameras and the stool. the white shade is a clear piece of plastic I painted white. the posters and grafts are items I tried to make myself by looking at the ones at wright guide miniatures. all the trays are the clear plastic pieces that my items I purchase from wright guide came in I painted them blue, white and tan. the two red lights are beads I painted red. I used a lot of printies from the internet. the pictures without the stripe borders is  the first model and several years later I did a little touch up.  thanks Shirley.

new year's eve

new year's eve in dream city, cassie and james from midnight glow played awhile before heading over to club indigo. dream city photographer ed cosmo was there taking pictures, there will be more posts with ed cosmo later.  police chief roy dogwood standing in the back. everyone was enjoying themselves. it was just a quit diorama I made for new years eve. that's how I spent my new year. thanks Shirley.

midnight glow

meet midnight glow they are the local band here in dream city. they are the headliner at club indigo . lead singer is  cassie, james on guitar, tony on drums and ricky on keyboard. they got a gold record for their number one song on the charts called (that's my kittykat). they also play at all the local events. I made the chair, bench, shelf and the gold record, posters and the guitar and drum set. they are playing at club indigo. they are in the  dressing room at club indigo. I followed instructions from my froggy stuff for the dressing room and items in it. thanks Shirley.