Saturday, May 21, 2016

vacation day

I took a vacation day off work today so I  went thrift store shopping today. I got a lot of good items for cheap. this was $1.99 they are crocheted bird houses.
next is 2 dolls $1.99 each they are so cute.
next $4.99 the hat look like it would fit an 18 inch doll, so I don't know what i'm going to do with it yet.
next $1.99 the purple box is a planter, the round yellow ball is a bean bag ball, a pillow, a stove, on the right a fridge with no door, pink box, the blue bag could be for an 18 inch doll.
next $3.99 the man is glued to the chair.
next $1.99 I love these items, but that one little piece on the left I have no ideal what it is.
next $1.99
next $3.99
next $2.99
next $1.99
and last $1.99 I love these vases.
so that's my vacation day, tomorrow is my regular day off I guess I will make something mini. thanks shirley