Monday, May 16, 2016

the greenhouse

I purchased the gazebo from back in 2003 I should have taken a picture of the before. here is the after, I did a little kit bashing.

Brenda went to Emily's flower shop to pick up a few items for her greenhouse.

once she is home, she started planting. the plant in front of her and the one on the left are from a real poinsettia I got at Christmas. I just didn't want to throw the plant out.

 the plant on the right is a real snake plant.

later reese came home for lunch and made sandwiches and coffee and dessert.

after lunch reese said goodbye and went back to work.
Brenda also stopped at granny's antique shop and picked up a birdhouse.
I will leave Brenda alone to finish with her greenhouse, she will be adding more plants and flowers . thanks shirley