Thursday, March 31, 2016

wallpaper and paste shop

this is the wallpaper and paste shop, the owner name is tucker Quinn,  I have to  pick a doll and take photos of him later. I made this from scraps of wood. I made the street lamp and the meter reader the fan, bottles of paste and brushes. I have to take more pictures of the inside and post them later when I add tucker. thanks for looking Shirley.

the tea shop

I purchase the primrose from and made the teaberry shop. the owner  is thea, she lives above the shop with her dog name gray. she is the one standing behind the counter.  I got the idea of a teashop from laura childs the tea shop mysteries. I love those books. I did a little kit bashing and made the first pictures with just two floors, there is a small bathroom with just a toilet and sink. a few years later I did a little more bashing and added a third floor, now with a full bathroom with tub, sink and toilet and bedroom. second floor has full kitchen with stove, sink and fridge, and the living room with a desk and chair for her office. I used printies for the tea boxes and jars with honey. I made some of the teapots. I made the file cabinet and the one hanging on the wall. I made the two tables and four chairs and toilet from can deodorant tops. I made the two bookcases.  I made her kitchen table and the counter.  thanks for looking Shirley.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

henrietta's date

meet Henrietta, she is good friends with Brenda, amber and Carmen. before she became Otis waters girlfriend she dated det reese glover. I made a quick diorama showing the dinner date. first she made fresh coffee and the she gather her items for baking bread,  eggs, flour, milk, salt, water, butter and a rolling pin. after mixing all the items, she then knead the dough and then put it in a covered bowl and let it rise. once it was ready she put the dough in a pan and placed it in the oven, she made her meat sauce and had the water on for the pasta. she made salad, once everything was ready reese came over. thanks  shirley

shady brook cabin

this is caroline she is sitting in the rocker. I made this room box in  2007.  she has an outhouse on the side of the cabin. I won the red stripe basket, cookbook, cup with spoons the picture on the wall and the note pad in the draw. it was a contest in the American miniaturist magazine. the vegs under the table I made from fimo and the bread. in 2014 I purchased the shady brook cabin from amber the real estate agent is showing caroline the shady brook. she decided to buy it she now have a bedroom with inside plumbing. I added a few more items. I made the table by the window and the crochet bag the screen in the bathroom and the blanket and pillow. I made the brown chair. she love all the wide
 space now. thanks Shirley.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

the orchard

I purchased the orchard from in 2007, in the beginning I didn't use dolls in my houses, but after I made the orchard I decided to put a doll in the house. I found a bag of dolls for 2.99 at the thrift store so I put this one in here to see how a doll would fit. I liked how the doll look in the house so I started collecting 1:12 dolls. here is the orchard in 2007 later I will show you the orchard remodeled in 2014. the tub is a piece of plastic , something came in I painted white the toilet is a deodorant top and the sink is the little butter or jelly dish you get in the hospital. the ceiling fan is made from popsicle sticks and beads and a chain, the trash cans are caps with tissue paper for bags. I made the dolls dress and shoes. the canisters are the things that come in the medicine bottles.  I printed out printies  of flour sugar tea and coffee from the internet the lamp is a creamer with a bead for the base. thanks Shirley.