Sunday, April 3, 2016

my barbies

I have collected a few barbies over the years. I can't tell you who they are or who made them or anything. I just decided to get some. my favorite doll is zeldra  she is the doll with  kittykat.  this is some of the dolls I have, maybe you recognize who they are. I still have a least 15 more dolls I will show later. thanks for looking Shirley.

breaking news

kent Blackwell is reporting on the valentines day ball with the mayor of dream city, he reports the local band midnight glow is playing. then please stand by comes across the screen about breaking news, reporter Nicole blake breaks in with news that local owner of the sushi hut kin jin ho was stabbed to death in the alley of his restaurant. the tv station was remodeled some I made the two tv monitors both Nicole and Melanie have new hair styles. more later on the murder in another post. sorry for the bad pictures, thanks for looking Shirley.


Brenda  is enjoying a lazy sunday with Otis. first she make breakfast for them,  its consist of coffee and orange juice and a pop tart,  I made the waffles plate and the eggs and sausage plate. later they watch tv in the living room. this is the beginning of her house being made. each time I post her house it will look different each time until the final finished product. thanks for looking Shirley.

second date

Brenda and Otis are on a second date. they are at the sushi hut. this was a quick diorama. the tables are going to be in the real sushi hut once Otis make the building.  all food items are rement. more on the sushi hut in a later post. thanks for looking Shirley.

dream city gazette

the dream city gazette is the local news paper, there is fred the pressman and bruce the editor and Karen journalist little johnny paperboy . carl and nate from Otis waters construction is working on the final touches of the building. Otis is making sure everything is ready. I made the printers case and the type cabinet all the reams of paper from foam board wrapped in brown paper the paint jars from beads the leather apron, the cutting board and the two tables. the roll of brown paper hanging on the wall. the first aid kit the red box on the shelf. upstairs I made the two desk and the file cabinet and made a lot of printies. I got the idea of a printing room from wright guide miniatures where I purchased some of my items from. I'm saving up to get her printing press if she still have one available or I will try and make my own. the building is a Barbie house I got from the thrift store for $2.99 thanks for looking Shirley.

dream city news 17

the dream city news 17 consist of  kent  Blackwell anchorman, Nicole blake  anchorwoman,  Melanie ash meteorologist and stuart kingleys  camera man and second cameraman stoney ellis. they bring up to the minute news and weather. stoney is out on assignment here is kent, Nicole, Melanie and stuart. photos were taking before the name change it was news 1 now it's news 17. I made the camera it's a piece from the bottom of my fan, I made the news desk and the lights are from the caps of the 5 gallon water bottle. I got the idea of a tv station from city cirlez .  thanks for looking Shirley.