Monday, April 11, 2016

flower shop

Emily's flower shop was open in 2002, a coworker gave me the doll. I made a lot of the flower pots and some of the flowers. I made the two benches. then in 2015 she moved to a new building. I found a bag of dolls at the thrift store for $3.99 I have a new Emily.  she has her granddaughter Jessica and Olivia working part time after school to earn spending money

I made the sink, the refrigerator, the two counters. the star mat hanging on the left wall I found at the thrift store for $1.99 it was two, I didn't know what I was going to use them for until I had an idea of hanging it on the wall. its perfect there, I can even hang things on it. Emily's shop is on the first floor of the building she share with the pink boutique. thanks shirley

new job

Brenda is on her way to work, she has a potential employee coming in for another interview at 9:00. Falisha has just arrived for her job interview with Brenda. her appointment's at 9:00, its 8:55 now, she is greeted by Rebecca, Brenda's manager. she goes to her office and they start the interview. she go over the policy and procedures, salary and benefits. since she has already spoken to falisha over the phone  several times and she has received the back ground check back as

good, she welcomes falisha to enchament. she gave her the schedule and badge and sent her out on the floor to start work. Rebecca show falisha the ropes, the store will open in 30 mins and falisha is ready to greet customers.

dream city library

the library was open in 2002 since then it went thru three remodels from the first to the second and then the third. I made a lot of books from  wood and printies and also clay. I made my own covers as well as print from the internet and magazines. I made the  counter, the wall file cabinet. the video return box is a tic tac box. I made the return cart. I made all the shelves. thanks shirley