Tuesday, April 12, 2016


my niece ja'kyla and nephew ta'jon came to visit in the summer of  2011 from bowling green Kentucky. my niece asked me to make her a house. I had this little house already made, I got it from miniatures.com and  can't remember the name of this house. I gave her some unpainted furniture and she choose her colors and painted them herself. my nephew asked me to make him a man house, I'm still trying to figure out what is a man house for a 12 year old boy. he love wrestling so I was thinking about making a wrestling scene. when I make it I will post pictures before I send it to him. thanks Shirley.

the doctor has retired

here is dr tia periwinkle, she recently retired in 2015, she still live in dream city but is not practicing anymore. I made the room box in 2006 from mat board, I remodeled the office, I will show it in another post. I made the cart, on the bottom shelf I made the two urine samples with food coloring. I made the cabinet with the files, the files with x-rays are real x-rays I cut into small pieces. I made the red  bio hazard box from a pack of cigarettes no I don't smoke my sons does. the oxygen tanks are ink pen tops, the water cooler bottom is from the oxygen tube and the top is from a keychain, I made the stool, trash can is a coffee creamer, the ekg machine I piece that together from clay, wood and beads and printies. the blood pressure machine is a magnet with wire and beads. I purchased a few items from different miniature sites. I made a lot of printies from magazines and the internet. Danita made the doctor's coat. the gown is made from tissue paper. I made the bags of blood with red food coloring  and pieces of plastic. the red discarded needle box is a piece of plastic. the blue tray I made from wood. the table and sink I purchased from different miniature sites.  thanks Shirley.

house one and house two

house one I made in 2006 from mat board. the little girl I made it for she was 5 years old. I was so excited about making a house for someone I was not  thinking about if she was mature enough to understand how to take care of the house. it took about a month to build the house and add all the little miniatures. I made a lot of the items, I made the bed, dresser, lamp, toilet, tub, sink, stove, fridge, sink, table and chairs. I put a lot of work into this house. I was baby sitting at the time I finished the house so she was with me for eight hours, I let her play with the house, by the time her mother came to pick her up the house was destroyed. I cried, her mother took the house home with them. here is house one.
in 2011 the same little came over again and this time she told me herself she is now mature enough to take care of a house. so she asked if I could make her another one. I told her I would think about it  and let her know, well her birthday was coming up in a month, I decided to make a  new house for her. I was excited again. I love making miniatures and houses. this time I purchased the discount dollhouse by RGT from miniatures.com. no kit bashing on this one, I think I followed the instructions correctly. the bathroom I purchased everything, I made a lot of items from printies for the bathroom, the bedroom I purchased the set but made a lot of items from printies, the laundry room I printed the washer and dryer from the internet but cut out the doors to be able to put clothes in the machines, the shelf I made, the mop bucket is a plastic container I painted yellow, the water heater is a toilet paper roll, I made all the items from printies. the living room I purchased everything, I made the tv stand. the kitchen, I made the sink, stove, fridge, the  table and chairs is a kit, the water cooler is a piece from the oxygen tube, the trash can is a k-cup. I made all the kitchen items from printies and wood. here is house two.

 she really love the house. Shirley.


I'm in the process of moving from one building to the next, they're only about 500 feet apart. I just hate the fact of packing and moving and then unpacking. that's a lot of work. my dolly's sure don't like the fact they are being boxed up. kittykat is another story. I'm trying to prepare her of the move. I keep telling her she will need to get use to a new patio and don't try and go back to the old one. she keep looking at me like I'm crazy. I know she remembers 10 years ago when we moved she had to be put in her cage all day. sunday april 17th is moving day, so I better get back to packing. Shirley.