Monday, April 4, 2016

big hamm's

big hamm is the name everyone call my son lamont,  he love playing pool, he actually won a trophy he's that good. so I decided to make a bar named after him.  I made the bar from balsa wood, the mirrors are real, the beer spouts are ink pen tops, the beer mugs are made from an oxygen tube, one jar has pickle pigs feet the other is pickle eggs, the bowls of peanuts are made from the plastic cough drops come in, the atm machine on the back wall is a piece of wood with printies, I made the security camera, the tv is a piece of wood with a picture on it. the table and chairs are pieces of wood with dowels for legs, and the stools are medicine bottles. thanks Shirley.

internet cafe

I got the idea of an internet café from delph miniatures. I saw the computer desk and decided to make my own so then I needed a building. it turn out great. I made the tables and stools, security camera, the counter, the water cooler from a piece of oxygen tube, the coffee machine from a piece of wood with beads for knobs, wall cabinets from balsa wood, donuts from fimo, the mop from yarn and a piece of dowel, the paper towel holder with real paper towels on it. I made the knap sack next to the table, the meter. the shade is a piece of card stock folded. the trash can is a coffee creamer. I made the box with the cups in it. I used a lot of printies from the internet and magazines. thanks Shirley.

amanda and maranda

Amanda and maranda are two dolls I got when I purchased a mini tea set. the tea set is too big for my 1:12 dolls as well as my barbies. I will find a place for them in a mini scene one day. maranda is in the tearoom and Amanda is in the music room. I made the picture frames.  thanks Shirley.

broken leg

Carmen's leg came off it's made of wire so I had to glue her leg back on because I didn't want to take her whole body apart so now she has one short leg. you really can't tell when she is standing. I made this quick diorama of operating on her leg. thanks shirley

murder of kin jin ho

Nicole blake is on the scene showing det tim parker and det reese glover with news that sushi hut owner kin jin ho was murdered.  she reports they have a few clues but will not elaborate on anything at this time. I made the dumpster,  the fire hydrant,  the evidence is a book of rare stamps, money,  credit card, passport, wine bottles and the murder weapon is a knife. this was just a quick diorama I made. I was reading one of my favorite books by Margaret Grace miniature mysteries and decided to make this scene. I will show suspects interviews, an arrest and maybe a trial. keep looking thanks Shirley.

dream city police

meet police chief roy dogwood, det tim parker and det reese glover. they get enough cases to keep them busy but now they have a murder to solve. I will be posting pictures thru out my blog so keep checking. I have the jail cell in a different roombox I will show that later. I made the file cabinets, the 3 desks, the lamps are just a piece of foam over a bead for the bulb and glued to a stick on a bead base with a chain. I made the cabinet with the hot plate, its a piece of wood with beads for knobs, and the coffee pot and teapot are beads. I made the outgoing file dish next to the door I made the radio holder hanging on the wall and the gun cabinet on the wall I made the case board hanging on the wall. I made a lot of printies from the internet, and magazines. I got the idea of a police station from roville but my jail cell is a different story. thanks Shirley.

go pink

this is from oct 2014 I had  a little scare with a spot on my left breast. everything turned out great, so I decided to have my dolls do a little diorama about breast cancer so they came together to pass out brochures and pink ribbons. I made the ribbons from pink foam and printed the brochure information from the internet. thanks shirley