Thursday, April 14, 2016

the new doctor

tina palmer is the new local doctor, she used to work at dream city general hospital with nurse pam, she decided to have her own practice and brought nurse pam with her. she is checking in on carl and nate to make sure they are getting everything moved in. I purchased the primrose from and did a little kit bashing.

opening day arrive and they have a few minutes before the first patients,  so pam go out to get bagels and coffee.

the first patients arrive davika and Rebecca.

In a previous post about (doctor has retired) I mention all the items I made, since then I added the blood pressure chair and the double bench with table.  the wall desk is a shampoo bottle cap. the doctor is in you can make an appointment,  she also take walk ins. I used egg carton for the bricks and painted them. that was a long process making those bricks.  thanks shirley