Thursday, April 7, 2016


this is the back of the soup Nazi restaurant, where a homeless woman sits, she only sit here during the day at night she goes to the women's shelter. the cats are not hers  but they come around when ever she shows up. she got her skirt and scarf from the  clothes bin at the shelter. I made the cart from plastic she has a blanket, an umbrella some magazines, shopping bag. I made the street lamp. I will show the shelter and the soup Nazi in later posts. thanks shirley


polished is the name of Henrietta's nail salon, she is taking care of one of her clients. I purchased two miworld nail salons, I took a piece of clear plastic and made a circle then spread tacky glue in swirls and let it dry, then put them in the spa chairs for water. I made the towels, and I took a bunch of little square mirrors and glued them together to make one big mirror. I added some rement items. the table between the spa chairs I made by putting two vases together and putting a piece of wood on top. thanks shirley

green bathroom

I made this bathroom for my mother as a Christmas gift a few years ago, she always wanted her own bathroom and her favorite color is green, she recently pass away OCT 2015 now the room box is back with me. I just wanted to share some of my memories of my mom with everyone thanks Shirley