Monday, March 28, 2016

map store

this is the map store the owner is Ryan Shepard he did a little remodeling you have to look closely to see the difference in the pictures. I made the table from balsa wood. I made the stool and the map stand. the map bucket is a canister for my test strips. all the maps are printies from jim printies and the tip jar comes from the cap of the 5 gallon water bottle. I can't remember where I got the ideal of a map store from so thanks for the ideal who ever Shirley.

hotel room

the first picture is the room box I made in 2003 I since then remodeled the room. I made the suitcases and the table and lamps, and the outfit the doll is wearing. also the bedspread.

Brenda's date

here is Brenda on her first date with Otis Waters. they dated for awhile and even lived together, they just didn't  fit she is now with Reese Glover police det. Otis is now with Henrietta. I made the picnic basket from an altoids box

first roombox

this is my first room box I made in 2003. I used a washing powder box I got the ideal from a American miniaturist magazine.

a few random items

here are a few random items I made the first is a  photo booth, I can't remember where I got the instructions from. the next item is the laundry cart I got that from the next one is the salad bar I also got that from thanks for looking Shirley.

the hot tub

here is Brenda sitting in her hot tub with Henrietta and Amber . they are enjoying a day in the sun. I made the hot tub by  following my froggy stuff instructions it was very easy. thanks for looking Shirley.

studio apartments

this is Sarah Reed she is the newest occupant of the studio apartment that Carmen use to live in. I will show you Carmen's new place in a later post. Sarah's apartment have the bathroom on the left and the other apartments have the bathroom on the right. I made all of the appliances and the bathroom sinks. the toilets are candy toys I got from the gas station. Sarah is sitting on her fold out sofa reading the dream city gazette. I will show the gazette in a later post, as well as show you where Sarah work, the suds and bubbles soap box. Sarah has since added more items to her studio. here are the pictures thanks for looking Shirley.

yellow house

this house was given to me by my sister in law Clarissa, it was given to her by her neighbor. I don't have any information about the name of this house or how old it is. the house literally smelled of stale cigarettes, I had to wash the house with soap and water. I found an easy way to remove the wallpaper and carpet  by using a damp cloth. the house came with some furniture and two dolls, one of which is in the post the pharmacy she is the lady waiting for her medicine. the other doll is the man watching Carl and Nate working. I will post before pictures and after pictures, I don't know how long it will take but I will keep you updated with the progress. here is the house thanks for looking Shirley