Tuesday, April 5, 2016

the fine art studio

the art studio is run by francis duffy the picture in purple is the first room box I made I had a muslin doll stand in until I purchase a regular doll, the picture of the house I made, I made the sink to make it look old, I made the little table with splattered paint, I made the table in back with the clay mold, I made the chair, I made the easel, I made the portfolio, I made the paper towel rack with real paper towels, I made the box of paints and chalks, the color pencils are tooth picks colored, the crate with easels I made from some material and covered pieces of mat board, the paint brushes is straws cut with bristles, Danita made the apron, the tubes of paint are straws with lables, and a whole lot of printies from the internet and magazines. thanks shirley

fun time video

I made fun time video in 2007 I had to make a lot of printies from the internet and magazines, I made the counter and shelves from wood, the poster box is mat board, the tape box is a piece of plastic I painted yellow and added legs, the trash can is a k-cup, fun time is run by Milton maize.  thanks shirley


the first picture I made 2007 I made the counter,  the toilet from a deodorant top, the sink from a jelly container, the gumball machine a piece of wood with  a printie on it, the fire extinguisher from a dowel with a piece of plastic for the handle, trash can is a k-cup, cork board is piece if real cork, the change machine is a piece of wood with lables, the water fountain is from the oxygen tube, the vending machines and arcade games I printed from the internet. the second picture is the remodeled version with people in it.the arcade is run by martin cooper.  thanks shirley

jenny's grub

this is jenny's grub it was made in 2003 when I was just getting started in miniatures. the stools are medicine bottles, the table base is the toilet paper roll with a piece of wood on top. I made all the food from fimo. someone from work made the doll. the next set of photos are the remodel.

 I made stove and sink counter, the hamburger and hotdog  grill. the katsup and muster are dowels painted red and yellow, the napkin holder is from a tea light with real napkins, the salt and pepper are black and white beads, the plates are the plastic piece from the orange juice carton, the coffee mugs are beads I added handles too, the red soda machine is a piece of wood with beads for buttons, the clock is a real watch piece, the counter has a built in fridge  under it,  I made a lot of printies from the internet, I made all the food from fimo, the next set of photos is the newest version of jenny' grub.

 jenney is behind the counter and chef leo  is at the stove and Carmen is the waitress, Danita made the aprons. the trash can is a k-cup,  the fire extinguisher is a piece of dowel and the handle from a plastic handle. thanks Shirley.


I made kittykat her own house. I made the bird cage from a tea light, I made all the shelves, I made the mouse and his house and cheese, I made a lot of printies I got from the internet. thanks Shirley

dollhouse workshop

the first photo is the original workshop, the second is the remodel shop. I made the houses from printies. the houses made from wood I made myself the one on the left shelf and the two on the right shelf. the paint pan is a jelly tube cut short, the orange paint can is a piece from a tea light. the tubes of paint are from straws I cut to size and labeled. the cup with brushes is a glue cap, and the glue tube is a glue cap. the paint brushes are made from straws with some hair brush pieces. the blue case is made from a piece of wood and I painted the white squares with black dots and put a handle on it. I made all the shelves and the stool.

quilt shop

nora cates is the owner of the quilt shop. the pictures in blue is the first room box and later I remodeled in yellow. I made the 2 maroon chest hanging on the wall. I made the counter, the quilt holder by the back wall and the quilt, I made the spinning material holder, I made the small cabinet, I made the magazine holder, I made the  tall shelf on the left. I made the frames, the trash can is a coffee creamer, Danita made the apron. some accessories I purchased and others are printies, and some I made.  the pink trays are plastic some miniatures came in I painted pink. I made the pink boxes from wood. I wrapped material around wood to make bolts of material. I printed book covers from the internet and wrapped them around foam board. I got the idea of a quilt shop from someone on the internet not sure who but thanks. the cotton balls is real cotton with a label wrapped around. the woman in the blue photo retired and pass the shop to nora in yellow. thanks shirley


Danita is the seamstress of Danita designs. she has her own clothes line, she provides clothes to the pink boutique and other places. the first picture is a mock up then she moves to a new place. I made the table and the counter. I cut a lot of  material into small pieces and wrapped them  around a piece of wood. I got pictures from the internet of models and designs. her helper is davika, she models all the clothes first. I make a lot of original clothes, I will show them through out my blog. the red, silver and leopard print are originals. the overalls Otis is wearing is an original. the jacket Danita is wearing is actually a hat from a 1/6th doll. Henrietta is in the silver dress she used to model for Danita before opening her nail shop.  thanks shirley

dream city jail

one winter day my brother jeff called, he was in jail for the umpteenth time. it's always for disorderly conduct, so I got mad and handed the phone to my mother and then started making this jail cell in honor of jeff . it took about a week to finish it. I hung his picture on the wall. I made the mattress from a piece of burlap and then soaked it in tea to make it look aged.  the food tray is a piece of plastic that a miniature came in, I put a piece of mat board to separate the compartments and painted it silver,  I made the food.  the sink is a syrup package, the original toilet was a miniature from a bathroom set, after the remodel I change the toilet, the new toilets are from a candy toy I painted white. the soap box is a printie and the soap is a piece of green fimo for irish spring soap. I made a lot of printies for letters and stamps,  a box of matches, cigarettes, a radio, a bible, a flower pot, a roll of toilet paper from real toilet paper,  magazines, and a little tv. the first pictures is the one I made a few years ago, and then I remodeled to make a double cell. later I came across a photo of a jail cell in American miniaturist magazine almost like mine.  the original name was smith county jail after the remodel I rename it dream city county jail.  thanks shirley