Sunday, March 27, 2016

nurse pam

meet nurse pam she work at dream city general hospital. she is checking on a patient, he was injured during the fire works show. I made everything, I followed my froggy stuff and used a binder and now I have easy storage.

Carmen's first apartment

Carmen meet with Amber to look at her first studio apartment. she is new to town, so she don't need anything big right now. she just started working at the local café Jenny's Grub. I made the sink, stove and fridge, also the fold out sofa and the table and some other small items. I also made her car.


the kids are enjoying a day at the park easter egg hunting.

the fishmonger

meet dream city's resident fishmonger Jessie abbott. he started out with blue décor in 2009 and then he remodeled in 2011 with yellow. then in 2015 he remodeled again with grey.

animal residents

meet mr mouse and mr bear, they are the animal residents of dream city among others.

waters construction co

meet Otis Waters, he is the owner of Waters Construction Co. He help build and design all the buildings in Dream City with a little help from me.


the men's shop

this is Zeke's men shop

the buttercup

In October 2014 I took the buttercup kit and did a little kit bashing. I made the house for a friend's 7 year old daughter. I made the couch, dresser and nightstand. I also made the lamp in the bedroom, the curtains, and bedspread, the hamper and few more items too many to was finished just in time for Christmas. she love the house.