Sunday, June 5, 2016

the soup nazi

I like jerry Seinfeld so I decided to name my soup store the soup Nazi. this is the first model I made, the food is made from fimo, the pans are made from the plastic that my miniatures came in. the silver bowls are from the medicine packs, the cups are glue tops, I made the stove, fridge, the counter, the table all from balsa wood and mat board. the cups under the counter are made from card stock and wrap in plastic. the cans of vegs are made from the thing that comes in the medicine bottles wrap with printies from the internet. the paper bags are made from paper bags. the outside I made the napkin holders from wood, salt and pepper shakers from pieces of wood. the trash can is a k-cup the water pipes are made from straws painted black. the gas meter and electric meter's are made from wood, I looked at the photos on website and just did my best to match it. the alarm box is a piece of wood painted red. I will show the new model in another post. I showed the homeless lady in an earlier post but she is a part of the building, this is the back of the store.  hope you like thanks Shirley.