Sunday, April 10, 2016

tattoo parlor

I made this room box in 2006, I purchased the garden party gazebo from, and turned it into a tattoo room.  I got the idea because of my nephew salaam, his nick name is pastrami,  he has a tattoo of new jersey on his arm,  so I decided to make this room. I made the tattoo chair, the sink, the ink machine, box for discarded needles, ink bottles, table with tattoo book, trash can is a coffee creamer. I made the stool. I made the cart. pictures of tattoo's I got from the internet.

no donuts for me

kittykat is making sure I don't eat any donuts.


Victoria is running a few errands today. she stops at the dream city savings and loan to cash a check, then she go to the teaberry shop where she is purchases a tea set, tea and cheese and crackers.

brenda's office

this is Brenda's office right now it's not connect to the building her store is in. she's going through a remodel.

general store

the general store was built in 2002, cowgirl is managing the store. I made the meats with fimo, the jars are filled with real grits, oatmeal, rice beans. I made a whole lot of printies from the internet and magazines. the general store is being remodeled right now I will show it when finished in a later post.


Brenda and Henrietta are doing a little shopping at the rement store. Danita made the dresses. Brenda on the left and Henrietta on the right.

breaking and trying to enter

I notice one of  the windows on the tattoo shop was pushed in. I asked my mother and son if they may have done it, which I know they didn't because they don't come in my room. the next day the other window was pushed in, still baffling , then one day I'm just sitting here watching tv when I noticed kittykat trying to break into the tattoo shop. I grabbed my camera and took this picture.


book sale today I made the books from magazines and printies from the internet. I wrapped them around either cardboard or wood, and even clay.

hank browning construction co

Hank of Hank Browning Construction Co retired. He still live in Dream City, every once in a while he may lend a helping hand to Otis Waters.


Dr Sheldon Drake Psychiatrist,


kittykat watching over the dream city construction. making sure its done right.

dinner with friends

Brenda is cooking dinner for Henrietta, Reese, and Otis. her house is still in the process of being remodeled. finished house coming soon. thanks Shirley