Wednesday, April 6, 2016

pink boutique

the pink boutique is owned by india Hampton, she buy her clothes from several manufactures, but her main one is Danita from Danita's designs. I made a quick diorama of the boutique,  later I will show india moving into a new building. I purchased a lot of clothes online from ebay, amazon, tabloach productions and other miniatures stores. I used a lot of my Barbie clothes for my 1:12 dolls. I will let you know which designs are originals. india had a very busy day with customers, everyone was buying a dress for the opening of the new art museum, that will be feature in a future post. thanks shirley


I made this room box in 2006 it was going to be attach to the big blue house but I later change my mine. I printed the washer and dryer from the internet and cut out the opening so I could put clothes inside. I made the paper towel holder, I made the table and I made the ironing board, trash can is a k-cup, the bucket with the wash board is a jelly container painted grey, the laundry basket is a jelly container I cut the slits out, the fire extinguisher is a dowel painted red with handle, the bleach bottle and the fabric softner is made from magic model clay with a label on it, the orange water cooler is made from magic model clay, the water heater is made from a toilet paper roll, I made the shelf and added the miniatures, I made a lot of printies from the internet, the box of garbage bag box is a piece of wood with a label and the trash bag is a piece of tissue paper glued on, the roll of paper towels is real paper towel wrapped and labeled, the sponge is real sponge cut small, the rolls of tape is real tape cut small, the sponge mop is made with a piece of sponge glued to a stick, and the broom is straw glued to a stick, the hooks for the mop and broom are the bread ties, the mop bucket is a medicine cup cut and painted with handle added, thanks shirley

dream city post office

the post office I made in 2003 with mat board the original outside you can see in the right corner of this picture, this is the inside
sometime in 2010 I remodel the post office the wanted pictures are of my cats and children, the post office boxes is made out of a piece of wood and I made sections for it box number I made all the envelopes and boxes, I used real bubble wrap and real brown paper rolls, I made the cart and all the counters, I made all the packages, the scale is made from clay, I made the bags of mail and the doll is from a coworker she made three of them for me. the trash can is a k-cup,  the second design I got from a miniature scene I seen on the internet with red, white and blue look. thanks Shirley


Brenda decided to make dinner for Otis Waters, he is sitting in the living room reading the dream city gazette. her house is still under construction so the scenes will always look different. she tells Otis dinner is ready and they enjoy their meal. the food is rement and the wine is a bead in the glass.  thanks shirley

minnie's accessories

I made this room box in 2003 the doll is a set of two I found at a garage sale, they are magnets, this one is Minnie the other is Bridget. I made all the different purses from fimo and magic model clay I designed and painted. the orange, blue, pink and yellow hats I made from magic model clay, I made the tissue box with real tissue in it, I made the box with the jewelry in it, I made the stripe hat box from magic model clay, I made the stool, the bolts of material I made by wrapping pieces of material around mat board, the spools of thread I made by wrapping yarn around blank spools and painted them different colors, the shoes I collected from different miniature stores online. Minnie decided to retire with her sister Bridget so she sold her store to Brenda. they meet at attorney clyde cypress office to sign the papers see post attorney at law for photo.

 I will show Brenda moving in later. thanks shirley

ronny's donuts

Ronny's donuts is a tribute to my brother ronny who passed away april 18, 2007 from cancer, I wrote a story about him that was published in the American miniaturist magazine issue #56 2007. I made this room box for my mother. ronny was a baker for years at dunkin donuts, his photo hangs on the back wall where he is  making donuts. I made all the donuts from fimo,  the yellow hoppers are made from magic model clay the jars have sprinkles of different colors, the mop is yarn
 on a stick, the mop bucket is a clear piece of plastic I painted yellow, the sink facet is a straw with strips of glue for water, I made the sink, the table the counters the shelves and the stove and the hood, the two pots of flour are deodorant tops painted silver, the brown bags of flour under the table are made from a paper bag, the jelly containers  are made from jelly containers, the ceiling fan is made from popsicle sticks and a bead on a dowel, at the time this was made I didn't use dolls in my scenes, so I had a muslin doll I used. I now have 1:12 dolls but decided to keep this as is. thanks shirley


here are a few more of Danita's designs,  the first is the black outfit,

 it comes with shorts and then you can wrap a skirt around, she added accessories a cape and purse came from the monster high doll and the boots are barbies, I love these books they fit my 1:12 dolls perfectly. the next outfit is a leather jumpsuit with leather purse
the next outfits is the yellow dress and the pink dress, the other three outfits are alterations from Barbie clothes.
 the next outfits are originals, the black, light pink or white the different color one and the yellow, the dark pink leather one is an alteration from a Barbie outfit.
the next outfits are the two leopard prints, and the silver one, the two purple ones are alterations from Barbie outfits.
and the last one is a leopard print I made two different purses because you can wear the outfit two different ways.

Danita will be showing more outfits later thanks Shirley.

gift shop

meet joyce peri she is the owner of the gift shop. her outfit is an original by Danita designs, her customer's outfit is an original by Danita designs also.
this is the first room box I made in 2008 I made the two counters and the three card shelves, I made the costume rack and hangers, the costumes are printies with a piece of material stuff in the package, I collected all the vases from different miniature stores online, I printed the easter boxes and made the chocolate bunnies inside the box. the next picture is the second remodel of the shop
I made the green cakes for st patricks day from fimo and added a few more miniatures, tea sets, this room box was made from mat board the third picture is the third remodel, I used a room box I got from, thanks Shirley.

attorney at law

meet clyde cypress esq is the local attorney in dream city. I made the desk from scrap pieces of wood and the wood chairs. the leather chair is real leather, the lamp is made from beads and a top for the shade, the top roll of books I made the rest are printies, I made the file cabinet to open with files in it,  I made the table by the window, I made the brief case and the day planer and the picture frames. I made the two book shelves. trash can is a coffee creamer. Brenda and Minnie are a few of his clients. thanks Shirley.